Ringing in the new year with a feasibility study for Maine Farmland Trust exploring in-state organic dairy processing, wrapping up the Hardwick Business Accelerator Business Plan, and finalizing the exploration of re-purposing the Sullivan County Farm root cellar for mushroom production and shared cheese aging. Along with these regional projects, one-on-one business planning with individual farms and food based businesses continues to take me to various parts of New England, video conferencing is becoming increasingly useful!, and appropriations for USDA VAPG grants were approved so VAPG grant writing will commence once shortly. If you are looking for something fun to do, Jean Hamilton and I are hosting a CISA workshop: Cutting Through the Noise-Successful Marketing Campaigns that Reach Consumers January 16, and Myrna Greenfield, Good Egg Marketing and I are presenting Adapting to the Changing Local Foods Market February 28th at the Harvest New England Conference. Join us!

Happy New Year!


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