Published Works & Tools

Following are links to several published works that Rose has prepared or contributed to, along with additional studies and tools that may be useful in your business and marketing planning and research.

Sullivan County Farm Root Cellar Feasibility Study, Wilson, R., Matthews, A., 2019

Regional Kiwiberry Production Guide and Enterprise Analysis, Hastings, W., Hale, I., 2019

Grass Fed Beef Value Chain Report 7-27-2017, Wilson, R., Matthews, A., 2017

NCIC Storage, Distribution, and Aggregation Report for Local Food in the North Country, Wilson, R., 2016

LRAC Local Foods Market Assessment 11-2-2016, Wilson, R., 2016

NVDA Agricultural Transportation Feasibility Study Report, Wilson, R., Slason, J., Wygonik, E., 2016

CAE NVDA Storage and Distribution Report for Local Food in the Northeast Kingdom, Wilson, R., 2016

Growing Elderberries: A Production Manual and Enterprise Viability Guide for Vermont and the Northeast, Wilson, R., 2016

Sustainable Marketing- 2016 Trends- Upcoming Trends and How to Spot Them, Wilson, R., Peabody, M., 2016

Comparing Different Ways to Produce and Market your Beef (and Pork), Wilson, R., Flack, S., 2015

BAC Commercial Kitchen Feasibility Study, Wilson, R., Andersen, C., 2015

Feasibility Study for a Leased Vegetable Storage Facility, Wilson, R., 2014

Market Research Workbook, Wilson, R., 2014

NCIC Action Plan for Agriculture and Food System Development, Wilson, R., Roberts. J., 2014

A Study of Business Enterprises to Occupy the Former Groveton Mill Site, Gates, S., Redmond, D., Andersen, C., Wilson, R., 2013

Scaling up Vermont’s Local Food Production, Distribution, and Marketing, NOFA-VT/VT FEED, Wilson, R., Erickson, D., Bécot, F., Conner, D., 2012

An Evaluation to Determine the Feasibility of a Multi-Purpose Grain Processing Facility in Vermont, Wilson, R., 2012

Guide to Starting A Commercial Goat Dairy, Delaney, C., 2012

Guide to Financing the Community Supported Farm, UVM Extension, 2012

Vermont Dry-Cured Meats Marketing Study, Roberts, J., 2012

New England Beef-to-Institution Market Study 2011 Executive Summary, Wilson, R., Andersen, C., Calderwood, L., Rumley, K., 2011

New England Beef-to-Institution Market Study 2011, Wilson, R., Andersen, C., Calderwood, L., Rumley, K., 2011

2009-2010 Feasibility and Market Research Study for Commercial Hop Production in New England, Wilson, R., 2010

“VCC Marketing Feasibility Of A Risk Management Program” Vermont Cheese Council, Wilson, R., 2009

introduction-to-vendor-meetings, Wilson, R., 2009

faq-introduction-to-commercial-sales, Wilson, R., 2009

Crop Rotation on Organic Farms: A Planning Manual, NRAES 177, Mohler, C., Johnson, S.E., 2009

Vermont Ground Beef Marketing Study ReportVermont Housing & Conservation Board,Wilson, R., 2006

Vermont Farmstead Cheese Marketing Study, Sakovitz-Dale, J., 2006

Feasibility Template for a Small Multi-Species Meat Processing Plant, Holcomb, R., Flynn, K., Kenkel, P., Oklahoma State University, 2003

You Tube video on how to use the small meat processing template

NRCS soil web survey.  A handy tool for scoping out soil types.

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